You can enjoy the view without using blinds to block excessive heat or glare!

Very often, your home suffers from unreasonable sun glare and heat. It can make you feel uncomfortable and even depressed. Natural solar heat makes hotspots in your home, and you need to use blinds in order to hide from the sun’s glare. This has the effect of closing you in, essentially blocking your view and keeping you disconnected from what’s happening outside. The good news is that, with solar window film, you can open your blinds and enjoy the view once more!

At Total Window Service, we offer solar window films that reject up to 80 percent of solar energy. This solution provides you with greater temperature stability and enhances your comfort by reducing heat gain and eliminating unwanted glare. Therefore, you can keep your blinds up all day long, enjoying the view from your windows. If you are in the greater NYC region, Total Window Service will provide you with high-quality, solar window films that will fit all your solar protection needs. Features include:

  • 99 percent UV protection
  • Different levels of tinting
  • Variety of colors
  • Solar heat resistance
  • Pitch reflection
  • Durability

Are you ready to enjoy a more beautiful environment with your blinds open and light streaming in, but without the glare, distracting reflections, or unwanted heat? Turn to Total Window Service to get your free, no-obligation quote today!