If you are having problems with glass damage, then you’ve come to a right place. Total Window Service has an amazing professional glass restoration team that can easily remove scratches from glass surfaces. Using our advanced Glass Renew System, we can restore damaged glass to its original look. This will help customers to save up to 70 percent by restoring damaged glass instead of replacing it.

We can remove:

  • Glass scratches
  • Acid graffiti
  • Acid etching on glass
  • Glass corrosion
  • Oxidation

How it’s done?

Glass restoration is a grinding process with different stages. It takes time and patience. In the grinding process, we remove all damaged areas and finish up by polishing the glass to its original, clear look.

What type of glass?

Scratch removal can be done on tempered clear or regular clear glass, and on single pane or double pane windows.

How to prevent glass damage in the future?

To help our customers save and protect their property from vandalism, we are offering affordable anti-graffiti window film. It works like an invisible shield that is applied on the exterior of glass panes and takes all the weathering. The cost of window film installation is two to three times cheaper than the cost of removing graffiti from glass, and it’s more than 10 times cheaper than glass replacement. Give us a call to find out more about this service.